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Thanks to its minimalistic design and customization capabilities, this kitchen is fully modular, allowing a personalized layout. Beryl adapts your living space to your lifestyle.


This kitchen distinguishes itself by the absence of any handles on the doors. The horizontal and vertical aluminum profiles equip the façades with a sleek and modern allure. This kitchen’s seductive power lies in its refined lines, giving it the elegance and simplicity that make it one of our top sellers. Available in a variety [...]
Gypse The Smart Kitchen


This kitchen’s distinguishing feature is its melamine doors set with real aluminum, like a delicate jewel in its protective case. With its handles extruding or integrated in the aluminum profile, this kitchen livens up the culinary space with its forms and layout. Available in a multitude of colors and finishing styles.


This kitchen reaches perfection with a molded door encased in anti-UV, sun-resistant PVC leaf. Soothing to the eyes, this kitchen’s Zen spirit aligns perfectly with your taste and needs in several finishes and colors.
Fancy The Smooth Kitchen


Elegance and simplicity constitute this kitchen’s beauty, which encompasses a hint of the classic wonderfully integrated with a contemporary lifestyle feel. Available in PVC veneered on HDF, but also in shiny or matte lacquer, this kitchen offers a vast choice of colors to satisfy all tastes.


The resolutely trendy Fossil kitchen employs contrast to its advantage by perfectly balancing light and darkness. In thermoformed PVC veneered on HDF, this kitchen stands out for its groove cabinet doors. A pleasure for your senses.


With its real wood veneer, this kitchen is the perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and fine materials. The vast choice of wood veneer, whether natural or reconstituted, allows an infinite variety of warm and modern ambiances.


Straddling modernism and tradition, the Nobel kitchen blends two states of mind. This kitchen is offered in solid wood, but also in thermoformed PVC, thus giving this model a functional and innovative update.


Our carpenters’ expertise and attention to detail imbue this kitchen with an avant-garde aesthetic, that stands out for its sinuous, pure lines. The bias cut of the doors accentuates the purity of the ensemble. Available in wood veneer or lacquered MDF with an infinite choice of colors, this kitchen allows each person to choose the [...]


A unique kitchen with its combination of fine materials and innovative design, the Bamboo kitchen blends real bamboo wood and the modernity of Zebrano in a perfect marriage.