A family business established in Lebanon during the 1960s, Meker has become the uncontested leader in the market of kitchen fittings and cupboards. Our continued success can be attributed to the use of the finest materials, clean lines, functional furnishings, the astute advice of our specialists and a flawless installation and after-sales service. Nowadays, Meker is continuing its expansion and reaching new markets, while consolidating its expertise in kitchen design and cupboards, thus offering constant innovation to ensure optimal comfort and unequalled services.

Situated in Sin el Fil, our exhibition space of more than 2000 square meters offers visitors more than 20 fully equipped kitchen models along with home appliances, stools, chairs, tables and accessories and a large range of cupboards for all tastes and needs.

SINCE 1967

Since the beginning of our journey in 1967, we have been driven by the thrill of challenge and the desire to be the best.

Over the years, we have grown in quality and maturity. Our passion for our profession and our drive for getting the job done in the best possible way have turned Meker into a credible brand that always delivers on its promises.

Throughout the years and across generations, we have gained our clients’ loyalty by listening to them, understanding their needs and surpassing their expectations.

We have managed to withstand the country’s uncertain climate and kept brandishing our motto: proud to be 100% Lebanese manufacturers.

Today, we are already looking towards the future, with the same consistency, the same attention to detail, the same guarantee of quality and a promise: to go even further to meet your wishes.

Thank you for your loyalty.


Dear clients and friends,

I am filled with pride and satisfaction as I look back at how far Meker has come since it was launched in the Lebanese industrial stratosphere 50 years ago.

We have grown, evolved, matured, and adapted to the laws of the market; without ever compromising on quality, rigor, or consistency.

We went out of our way to make sure our clients always had their needs met. As a result, their unwavering loyalty is the best gift we could ask for on the company’s fiftieth anniversary.

Working in a family business is an added privilege, and I am extremely happy to have two generations currently working by my side.

We owe our reputation for integrity to years of continued efforts, follow up, and, of course, to the solid foundations of the company.

Today, we look towards the future with the same determination to provide an impeccable service, and to constantly offer new products that anticipate your needs.


Nehme Mehanna