Kitchens, wardrobes and appliances are produced with the same concern for perfect finishing.


For more than 50 years, Meker has been synonymous with quality. Simplicity, functionality and beauty are our motto.

The selection of materials rests on practical and aesthetical criteria, while the choice of furniture will take into consideration the need for optimal space usage. Offering adequate solutions, a perfect finishing, an irreproachable quality, and a variety of choices, our team of designers, architects and engineers is at your disposal to help you bring the kitchen of your dreams to reality.


In our factory, located in Fanar on the outskirts of Beirut, 13 000 sqm. of space are dedicated to the various stages of production,
pre-assembling, packing and storing. These services are headed by a team of engineers who closely monitor the optimal implementation of each process.


Meker offers unparalleled installation services. With more than 60 people ensuring flawless installation, our professional team has always helped distinguish Meker from the competition with unequalled services.


To choose a Meker kitchen is first and foremost to choose quality control and long-term
follow-up. Our kitchens are guaranteed for a period of 10 years and our HPL products for a period of 50 years. Such guarantees are a reflection of the care that we put into the manufacturing process as well as client’s satisfaction.


100kg of organic waste
turned into 10kg of compost

Each year we generate 100 kg of food waste per capita which ends up in landfills, in the sea or savagely incinerated.

The Food Waste Disposer is a revolutionary machine that can, in 24 hours, transform all your food waste into safe to use fertilizer by the combined action of digestive enzymes and mixing.

The unit is equipped with a 7 stage filtration system that guarantees a 99% odor removal so it can safely be used in your kitchen , balcony, garage!


  • Very professional team from sales to installation, thank you.

    Tony AK.
  • Very professional team. Kitchen of our dreams!!! Thank you Meker.

    Chadi K.
  • All is perfect!!!

    Khaled D.
  • Perfect!

    Gilbert B.
  • The installation team was so professional and clean. Well done!!!

    Firas H.
  • Very good, professional team. I’m very satisfied of the installation.

    Yanko K.
  • It has best value for money. Not only the quality of product is excellent but their installation team is outstanding. Best of the best!

    Elia T.
    Beirut - Lebanon
  • Very professional and efficient installation thanks to Mr. Georges efforts and miracles! Thank you!

    Rana T.
    Beirut - Lebanon
  • “Thank you Meker for the great coordination in every step we are into. Me and the client are so proud working with you. I can’t wait for the kitchen to be installed in the upcoming weeks! “

    Rowaida K.
    Beirut - Lebanon
  • “I love Meker for providing me with the best kitchen where my family gathers every day.
    Thank you Meker Team !”

    Nataly M.
    Beirut - Lebanon