Veritable Potager

Size: 33 cm x 18.5 cm x 38 to 45 cm (L x l x h) Weight: 1.5 kg Water tank autonomy: 2 liters Irrigation system: Passive hydroponic culture Lighting: Professional Leds, Low power, without UV Average Leds lifetime: 10 years Electrical power: 9.5 W or 7.21 € per year Specification Power Supply: 100240 – V, […]



1- Transforms food waste in valuable safe fertilizer 2- Reduces waste volumes by 90% 3- 99% odor removal 4- Simple to use   Benefits By turning food into scraps and garden vegetation into compost you can: IMPROVE soil quality and garden vitality CONSERVE water RECYCLE valuable nutrients and reduce the use of artificial fertilizers PREVENT […]