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CSR 2018 with Jouzour Loubnan

This year, Meker is supporting Jouzour Loubnan. With every Kitchen or Wardrobe purchased*, you will adopt a cedar and help make our beautiful country green again.



We have chosen to intervene mainly in arid mountainous regions as, on one hand, they are very often dismissed in forestation programs and, on the other hand, the benefits of such forestation are tremendous.

The success of our forestation campaigns resides in our commitment to ensure the appropriate irrigation, guardianship and protection of the trees we plant. This success can be difficult to achieve, more so in arid regions due to extreme weather conditions, lack of surface water, poor soil quality and overgrazing. In order to overcome the issues at hand, we devised a special program taking into account, for each region, all the technical and socio-economic aspects related to such complex environments.



PLANT mainly in arid regions

Increase the woodland area in Lebanon by planting indigenous species to restore degraded high mountain ecosystems and develop wildlife habitats.

EMPOWER local communities

Empower the local community to protect, manage, promote and benefit from the projects.

PROMOTE environmental awareness

Promote environmental awareness of our natural resources amongst younger generations, locals and officials.


For more information: jouzourloubnan.org




*conditions apply