L'Atelier Cuisine by Meker

The 1st floor space has been redesigned as a multi-purpose, functional kitchen space to fit different types of events. The space is flexible and can accommodate private diners, live-cooking session, cooking workshops and other kind of private events. Each ‘happening’ will offer a unique experience to the public.

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  • Private Dinners with well-known Chefs and culinary experiences
  • Private Dinners with amateurs Chefs and unique experiences
  • Chefs Cooking Competition (2 cooking stations Hobs)
  • Cooking Book Launching
  • Kitchen Design exhibitions (The Object): with Lebanese Designers
  • Product Launch
  • Team Building
  • Food Design workshops
  • Cooking workshop with Chefs
  • Cooking workshops with kids
  • Influencer Sessions

L'atelier Cuisine

+961 70 95 94 67